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Performance with eXcellence to Lead


PIXEL is a Geospatial Consulting and Services organization offering quality services related all aspects of environment including land, water, infrastructure and utilities…

PIXEL was established in 1996 and has expanded organically and built a competitive enterprise in the country with more than 250 professionals.   The company operates from Bengaluru, New Delhi, Chennai and through its subsidiary at Atlanta in the US. Having almost more than a decade experience and exposure on Geospatial technology, judiciously amalgamated with domain expertise, innovation is at the center of all the services offered by PIXEL.

PIXEL stands out in its services based on a domain specific, technology enabled and performance based business advisory services and solutions rendered by its talented professionals. Our corporate ethos encourages being abreast with new and emerging technologies and continually allows for enhancement of skill sets and knowledge capital. Our offerings are differentiated by optimum use of technology to solve the customers’ real-world problems; at an enterprise level, by leveraging our domain knowledge of the specific sector.

PIXEL has focused on development sector and serving most of the Government Organisaitons in the country along with equal number of private sector enterprises not only in India but also overseas. With configurable solutions, executed using our global delivery approach, we minimize risk and accelerate the timeline towards value-add and accountable performance. Our internal information technology and knowledge management systems enable the delivery of informed and timely business advice to clients.

At PIXEL, we value ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees and our community. Every application we develop, every challenge we embrace, every investment in new resources, every recommendation we make – is dedicated to one goal:

Performance with eXcellence to Lead

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