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FME World Tour 2017, India

A big THANKS to each one of you, for attending the event and spending your valuable day with PIXEL.
Hope you found the event, presentations and the interactions interesting and useful.

We could not have made the “MAGICAL TRANSFORMATION” without your “MAGICAL” presence.

For those, who could not make it to the event, better luck next time!

Magical presentations from FME World Tour 2017, Bengaluru India

Your Data and FME

Get introduced to FME the magical way to convert, transform, share and integrate your data!


What is Great in FME 2017?

Learn about exciting new magic available in FME Desktop, FME Server, and FME Cloud


FME in the Enterprise

Using FME Server and FME Cloud just got a lot easier with new functionality like projects. See how to leverage new features to keep everything running smoothly across the enterprise, with an inspiring look at how others are putting this into practice.


Ultimate Real-Time-Monitor Anything, Update Anything

Take advantage of FME Server’s capabilities for real-time integration and change data capture. Learn about workflows for monitoring and updating your data as it changes. We’ll look at what data sources/systems are monitored out-of-the-box and how you can enable change data capture for other data sources/systems.

Remote Sensing Data-Instant Home Delivery!

Satellites are gathering new information every second — and you have access to it. The question: What will you do with it? Here’s how to pull in remote sensed data from several sources, plus a real example of this in action.

Brewing the Ultimate Data Fusion

With information available in more systems than ever, how do we make sense of it all? Here are a few examples of how people have blended large amounts of data across the web and enterprise, and turned it into something useful and visually pleasing.

Location is Everything

User FME magic from HERE Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Karnataka Geospatial Experience

User FME magic from Karnataka State Council for Science and Technology (KSCST)


GIS and Data Magicians having some professional fun: Raster memories from FME World Tour 2017, Bengaluru, India

(Click on the picture to view the album)




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