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Geospatial Consulting and
Web-based Applications

From applications to infrastructure, processes to operational models and interfaces to
experiences, there are digital forces driving change in every part of your organization.

Image analysis and data extraction

PIXEL has developed expertise on processing images from different orbiting satellites across the globe. The services cover the processing of data from UAVs and the Lidar also for different applications.

Specific domains cover Land use analysis, crop mapping, highways asset mapping, advanvced services on LiDAR data for extraction of features along roads in urban/ rural areas

Greater Bengaluru
from 1995 to 2020

Crop Discrimination and Health Analysis

UAVs: Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis

LiDAR Data Processing and Analysis

Integrated Analysis of multi-thematic data

The domain experts of PIXEL with mapping and analysis background provide analysis of multi-thematic data like Land use, Soil, Hydrological, Terrain and Census data to arrive at perspective of planning

Advanced Web GIS solutions

PIXEL provides turnkey solutions and deploys advanced GIS solutions integrating the results of remote sensing, hydrological aspects and the situations on the ground for planning and management of water resources, rural asset inventory and appraisal. For such solutions Remote Sensing, GIS and GPS technologies are integrated with web technology aspects.


Asset and Water Management in Irrigation Command Integrated Solution

GIIS was deployed as a part of the Gondi Modernisation Project: implemented by Karnataka Neeravari Nigam Ltd. (KNNL), Government of Karnataka with ADB support under Karnataka Integrated and Sustainable Water Resources Investment Program
Gondi Irrigation Information System(GIIS) is a web based software application with micro-level spatial database for System Appraisal, Asset Management, Monitoring and Water Management in Gondi Irrigation Command Area of Karnataka.

The spatial database comprises of water conveyance and distribution system and farmers’ crop plots. Mobile intervention is brought in for recording the crop information by farmers’ themselves during every growing season. Daily weather data is ingested with software application for estimating the water requirement of crops at every plot and arrive at water demand at micro-command of each field irrigation channel.

Software facilitates aggregation of water demand at each pipe outlet ultimately helps in water release schedule.
System facilitates calculating the water cess for each farmer, based on actual demand/usage and the Water Users Cooperative Societies (WUCS) have clarity on the irrigation assets within their cooperative jurisdiction

Planning Health Facilities under NUHM, in Chickmagalur City

National Urban Health Mission (NUHM) was launched to address the health concerns of the urban poor population. Focus has been to identify suitable locations for setting up health facilities for the convenience of the listed and unlisted slums, low socio economic population, vulnerable population, high risk area and construction sites etc.

Geospatial Technology tools like Remote Sensing for mapping, GPS for locational data collection, Census for determining the population and GIS for organizing the data were adopted in Chickmagalur City, Karnataka

The spatial data organized in GIS was used to determine suitable locations for setting new Urban Public Health Center

RRIS (Rural Road Information System) is a Web based GIS application

Database – Spatial information on all the rural roads, cross drainages, bridges, habitation location, railway lines, water bodies and streams and boundaries of administrative units like taluk, district and the Assembly/Parliamentary constituencies. Non spatial information – Population (of habitats), Rural amenities like health center, school/colleges, markets, post office, telephone connections, electrification, Railway station etc.

Offers comprehensive solution for updating, retrieving rural road information with built in analytical, monitoring and decision support system.

Derivative of RRIS is District Rural Road Plan (DRRP) for planning and monitoring of rural roads and CDs.

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