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PIXEL builds custom & Client specific applications in various vertical segments, based on specific needs and complexity of requirements. We invest valuable time in understanding client requirements, and then custom tailor complete solutions developed on a mutual understanding, that eventually deliver tangible value to the enterprise. We understand the business processes of the Client thoroughly & consider every aspect of the solution required. We then develop spatial information systems that move client businesses forward and yield a measurable return on investment.

  • Defense

    Different Defense Establishments in the country are engaged in processing various types of information from different sources. Data ingestion, correlation and formatting become very crucial and technology solutions for interoperability become important. PIXEL understands the needs of positioning apt technology solutions and providing implementing and training needs of the defense establishments.

    PIXEL’s services for defense sector

    PIXEL identifies the needs of defense sector in data integration and time optimization for processing the data. We have a dedicated and specialist team to help various defense establishments and to provide a complete solution – from identification of technology to execution. Our professionals have adequate industry experience having worked with the defense services.

  • Government

    The information need of the development sector mostly controlled by the Governments is continuously increasing and transparency and process optimization are at the top agenda of effective governance. The focus appears to be on delivery of services to citizen at the same time implementing transparent processes and effective dissemination of reliable information to stakeholders.

    PIXEL’s Services to Government

    PIXEL provides assistance to various government departments for different services through its integrated approach focused on achieving transparency, responsiveness and accountability. Few of the services tailored out of configurable solutions of PIXEL to meet the specific needs of the government and public sector are:
    • Progress Monitoring Services
    • Space and Asset Management Solutions
    • IT requirement analysis and implementation
    • eGovernance practices / solutions
    • Engineering Services for Infrastructure development and management
    • GIS solutions for information dissemination and spatial appraisal
    • GIS solutions for smart city initiatives

  • Environment, Natural Resources and Agro-based

    Natural resources, environment and agriculture have a key role in economic development. Reliable information related to natural resources and their usage is the key to stead forward for environmentally benign and sustainable development.  Economic growth and global competition in production have direct relation to natural resources position. Climate variation has influence on production. India being mainly agrarian economy, reliable information related to pattern and extent of cultivation determines the strategy to address the food security.

    PIXEL focuses on this sector and a strong team of professional is working on building useful solutions for addressing the information needs.

    PIXEL’s strategic services 

    PIXEL adopts state of the art technology to derive reliable information related environment, natural resources and agriculture. Remote Sensing applications, GPS and GIS methods have been systematically synergized to evolve means of information generation, integration and analysis and building a decision support system. Different services include:

    • Land use mapping

    • Real time crop inventory

    • Hydrological data analysis

    • Resources position appraisal and analysis

    • Hybrid seed/crop mapping and analysis

    • Sugarcane inventory and value chain management solution, etc.

  • Infrastructure and Utility

    India is on the brink of an urban revolution. Over the last two decades, India’s urban population increased from 217 million to 377 million and this is expected to reach 600 million, or 40 percent of the population by 2031. Governments have been emphasizing on investment in to infrastructure not only in the urban areas but on the rural infrastructure as well. Adequacy analysis, status appraisal and upgradation requirement studies are the key for devising and implanting Policies and Strategies for infrastructure development.

    PIXEL’s expertise and experience in the services related to infrastructure include design consultancy related to infrastructure and utilities like Roads, Irrigation Canals, Water Supply & Sewerage. These include detailed topographic surveys with ‘state of the art technology’ instruments and designs (geometric, pavement and of pavement and structures) and estimation and preparation of bid documents. Besides the engineering surveys, PIXEL undertakes socio-economic surveys, Land Plan Surveys and Conditions assessment surveys using Mobile Technology. PIXEL has developed useful products for that are useful for survey and data collection

    • Topographic Surveys

    • Detailed Project Report for Roads and Irrigation

    • Water Supply and Sewerage

    • Mapping of roads and conditions assessment

    • Services for Smart City initiatives

    • Socio-economic Surveys and Analysis

  • Retail

    Phenomenal changes being witnessed in the Retail and Consumer markets are offering new opportunities and challenges. Yet again the reliable information related to consumer, growing areas and the products/ goods are important for not only to retain the business but also to expand the operations areas.

    PIXEL with its innovative approach to spatial mapping and analytical tools has been focusing and providing services that relevant to Retail Industry

    • Consumer/ Product foot print survey and analysis

    • Consultancy on market survey with GIS based decision support

  • Telecom / Broadband

    India’s telecommunication network is the second largest in the world by number of telephone users (both fixed and mobile phone) with 1.053 billion subscribers as on 31 August 2016. It has one of the lowest call tariffs in the world enabled by mega telecom operators and hyper-competition among them. India has the world’s second-largest Internet user-base. As on 31 March 2016, there were 342.65 million internet subscribers in the country.

    Industry in the country which is in an ongoing process of transforming into next generation network employs an extensive system of modern network elements, interconnected by a wide variety of transmission systems using fibre-optics or Microwave radio relay networks. Spatial data is basic to planning new or upgrade the existing network and also for operations and maintenance.

    PIXEL offers turnkey solution for Network Planning, Designing and Drafting and implementation support for Greenfield HFC Network. The solution includes comprehensive planning, documentation and preparation of manuals for Strand, RF Network and Fiber Network Designs and web based GIS solution including Process Management System (PMS). “vicNET” (Virtual Intelligent Network), a product of PIXEL provides access to HFC Network data via the Internet on any device on a browser, without the need for any COTS at the client system.

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