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Management Practices

PIXEL with its expertise in natural resources domain and application of geospatial technology tools for deriving, organising and analysing the voluminous data (spatial and non-spatial), practices Management Consulting.

PIXEL’s Management Consulting practices cover data analytical support, evaluation and impact analysis of multi-sectoral development initiatives including socio-economic aspects and configurable software services

Data Analytical Support

PIXEL, as a GIS company; brings in the expertise of data (both spatial and non-spatial) interoperability, integration along with diagnostic and predictive analysis

Evaluation and impact analysis

PIXEL provides evaluation and impact analysis services in the domain of natural resources. It brings various technology interventions and domain expertise to record, assess and correlate the results provide advises

Platform independent Configurable Software

PIXEL provides configurable software solutions mainly to enable clients to reduce the cost on both technology and human resources

A Configurable / no-code / low-code platform can increase business agility, take advantage of continuous innovation, and provide better customer and employee experiences — all while managing costs and streamlining processes

A web-based drag-and-drop functionalities, as well as reusable application components and in-built libraries aid in the application design / development process faster and effectively

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PIXEL SOFTEK PVT LTD (PIXEL), in its journey of over two decades has evolved as a trusted partner for Geospatial Consulting, Services, and Solutions in the domain of land, water, infrastructure and utilities.

PIXEL, an ISO-certified company, headquartered in Bengaluru with office in Chennai, caters to the international market through its subsidiary PIXEL Softek, Inc. based in Atlanta, USA. We consider ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees and our community.

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