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Performance with eXcellence to Lead

P V Rai

PIXEL’s mission is to enhance our customer’s performance. We support our customers to develop and deliver relevant information technology products and solutions for achieving efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of their business. We believe in being reliable and efficient in our services and value our employees who continue to be a major driving force behind our success. If agility and ambition are the qualities that have been responsible for our consistent growth; compassion is one virtue that is rooted in all of us at PIXEL.

PIXEL family has been expanding, and with the expansion we make sure that everyone understands the core value of the House. A number of variables influence the success of any enterprise/venture, but the deciding factor is the professional team that controls it. Our team has some of the best knowledge capital in the country with skills on par with any international standards. Scientists, Engineers and other domain professionals with practical experience form the team at PIXEL. When we embark on a job, we bring our strengths into translating every dream of our customers into realities.

Our mission to assure the quality is incorporated into the working environment. At PIXEL we believe in delivering exactly what we commit to our customers. Driven by unwavering motive of serving customers and changing the face of geo-spatial sector and with concerted emphasis on quality, reliability and effectiveness we have come a long way. We wish to maintain and improve the goodwill earned in addition to expansion of activities by increasing our branches and going global.

We march towards expanding into different domains of consulting and services related to Geo-spatial Industry. We derive strength from our satisfied patron’s support to expand. We believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our customers and so to assure them with best quality services. At PIXEL, we identify ourselves as partners with our customers. Every application we develop, every challenge we embrace, every investment in new resources, every recommendation we make – is dedicated to one goal:

Performance with eXcellence to Lead

I express my earnest gratitude towards our customers for their continued faith in us and realizing the potential of PIXEL and to our untiring professional team.

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