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Solution Summary
CMS (Campus Management System) is a Desktop and Web based GIS application that can ingest spatial and non spatial information of any campus and organize them as single repository to build analytical, monitoring and decision support system. CMS has a suite of customized web based GIS software modules with custom made query interface for online visualization, analysis and decision support.

Solution Description
CMS is a cross-browser, cross-platform web-based application that has been developed using Open source
Desktop and web GIS software such as QGIS and Geo Server with Open Layers. Solution is supported by set of
query and analysis tools configurable to cater the needs of any campus in terms of space, facilities and asset


  • Facilitated various departments of campus to access asset information, visualize status, analyze
    status, generate reports and maps
  • Enabled department officials to manage information related to infrastructure
  • Improved support for decision making through GIS analytical tools
  • Built in customized tools to display specific query results for assets considered under Civil, Utilities, Bio diversity categories such as Building, Road, Electrical network, Sewer Network, Land use etc.
  • Helped department officials for better planning and prioritization of tasks Land use / cover status of last 5 decades interpreted using satellite data provided in CMS facilitates understanding of changes over the time
  • IVRS interfaced with CMS enabled management to get details of every call and asset linked to it within
    the campus.

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