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Solution Summary
e-Pathai (Electronic Project, Administration, Traffic, Highway Assets and Information management system) GIS, is a web-based bi-lingual GIS that assists in decision making and rationalizing the planning, programming, funding, procurement activities and allocation of resources in road network, to allow the best use of public funds in preserving road networks at an acceptable level of serviceability.

Solution Description

e-Pathai GIS is a cross-browser, cross-platform web-based application that has been developed on ESRI® ArcGIS® Server, Microsoft® Silverlight and Microsoft.NET Framework supported by a set of powerful customized query and analysis tools developed specifically for Tamil Nadu Highways Department(TNHD). It runs on all popular web browsers including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

e-Pathai GIS:

  • Assists Tamil Nadu Highways Department (TNHD) to rationalize decision making in planning, programming, funding, procurement and in the allocation of resources in the road sector.
  • Make the best use of public funds in preserving then road networks at an acceptable level of serviceability.
  • Assists in establishing the prioritization of tasks as well as reporting on its condition visually using thematic maps.
  • Improved support for decision-making through GIS analytical tools.
  • Eases evaluation of the roads and related infrastructure for planning & programming purposes.
  • Provides a common operating picture to TNHD and other related agencies associated with road management and maintenance, thus improving the overall ability to   manage road maintenance and improvement activities efficiently and cost-effectively.
  • Provides an interface to public to access details about roads, bridges and other projectsimplemented by the highway department.

Key Features

  • Bing Maps Integration: is a web mapping service provided as a part of Microsoft’s Bing suite of search engines and powered by the Bing Maps for Enterprise framework. The service is available in the application as a backdrop layer besides Open Series Maps of Survey of India. Bing aerial view overlays satellite imagery onto the map and highlights roads and major landmarks. Utilizing Bing services, it is possible to locate a point or address of interest and find the shortest route between two places by distance or travel time.
  • Bi-Lingual Interface: Websites and web applications in local language have become the order of the day. e-Pathai GIS has a bi-lingual interface allowing users to switch between Englishand Tamil language.
  • High-Resolution Map Printing: GIS analysis/maps can be printed and downloaded as high-quality PDF files in customized templates.
  • ROMDAS Video: e-Pathai GIS have ROMDAS videos of the road conditions and road assets integrated with it. The camera icon is visible only at locations where ROMDAS video is available.Clicking on the camera icon plays ROMDAS video for the selected location.
  • Vehicle Damage Factor (VDF) Tool: Vehicle Damage Factor (VDF) tool is provided to switch on the census stations having VDF information. On clicking the VDF tool, the census stations display the VDF icon on the map. Clicking on the VDF icon provides the relevant VDF information.
  • View elevation profile along a road: This is a handy tool to understand elevation or profile of the terrain lying adjacent to the road stretch. It is also possible to generate longitudinal profile along the user-defined alignment, which is useful for route planning.

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