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Solution Summary
Project monitoring is an integral dimension of project management that empowers project administrators,
planners, managers, engineers and other stake holders to visualize different variables of project delivery. Project Monitoring System is a web-based application to monitor both physical and financial progress of various works undertaken by any organization. It is focused on automation of processes involving proposal to successful completion of work taken up by any organization during particular financial year and creation of data repository for easy dissemination to various administrative / operational hierarchy.

Solution Description
PMS is a cross-browser, cross-platform web-based configurable application with built in analytical tools that
can be customized to any organization. Presently solution is being used by Karnataka Public Works
Department, Water Resources Department, Cauvery Neeravari Nigama Limited and Directorate of Health and
Family Welfare of Government of Karnataka.


  • Facilitated user departments to propose works and record details of activities performed for those works
    and their status with respect to Physical and Financial progress online
  • Facilitated attachment of documents (QC Reports, Inspection Reports etc.) and photographs to individual work
  • Implementation of Mobile Application helped user to capture work progress information as in field along
    with geo and time stamping
  • Data stored in centralized server enabled Planners, Administrators, Managers etc. to view and get up-to
    date status of approved work to take appropriate decision
  • Dash board for admin/functional hierarchy has facilitated focus and visualization Improved the efficiency and effectiveness of information flow within the system
  • 24/7 accessibility of reliable and comprehensive information content in PMS, improved ability to
    retrieve information more efficiently and effectively as per need

Key Features
Work details:
Allows the user to propose and record details of various stages of work / package of any sector related to both physical and financial aspects
Tender process details:
Allows user to record details of tendering process

Contractor Smartcard Interface:
Facility for online registration and renewal process, issue of smartcard to eligible contractors to view and update information
Contractor details:
Facilitates user to add and edit contractor details such as General, Contact and Bank account details of

Android based Mobile application:
Allows user to record physical progress of work in field with location, time and photograph and uploads
to server for visualization
Progress Monitoring:
Allows user to Search, View and Print abstract and detailed progress report (Physical and Financial) for
selected administrative hierarchy and key parameters.
Miscellaneous module:
Facilitates user to record work slip details, EFI details, Additional miscellaneous amount etc.

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