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Solution Summary
PMTS (Pothole Management and Tracking System) is a Web based GIS application which offers comprehensive solution for receiving, storing and retrieving Pothole information with built in analytical, monitoring and decision support system. Location of pothole and its management status stored in spatial domain along with relevant attribute information arranged in web solution help decision makers to understand status of each road and arrive at improvement plan.

Solution Description
PMTS is a cross-browser, cross-platform web-based GIS – GPS application developed specially for Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP), Government of Karnataka. It is a primary Decision Support &Management tool for effectively maintaining BBMP assets, namely Roads. This solution is also used as a ‘crowd sourcing tool’, wherein the citizen of Bangalore can upload potholes in their localities.


  • Facilitated authorities to view map of selected zone, ward, constituency etc. with location of potholes
  • Allowed decision makers to view status of selected pothole with reference to action taken along with photographs captured in field
  • Moderator role allowed authorities to accept or reject the data provided by the public after due verification
  • Zone and ward wise abstract and detailed report indicating number of potholes, filling pending, work in progress and closed status assisted decision makers
    to take better decision

Key Features
Google Map Integration:
Map service is made available in the application as a backdrop layer

Android based Mobile application:
Allows user to record location of pothole along with photograph and relevant information and upload to server for visualization. Also facilitates authorities to capture various stages of work to close pothole

Bulk data upload facility:
Facilitates to download “Bulk” pothole information from Mobile handset to Server via a internet enabled computer

Web GIS application:
Application also facilitates authorities to add pothole information received online or through telephonic complaints. One can fetch information on Service Level Monitoring of Pothole Repair and Maintenance, with photographs i.e. Before, During & After status on the pothole in question

Map view & Reporting Tools:
Able to generate pending and closed pothole report based on location and type of damage and visualize on map. And also, facilitates user to view status of selected pothole at different stages improvement taken up.

Data sanitization:
Facility to accept or reject the data provided by public allows system to display information after due verification

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