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Being in the GIS domain, the multi-disciplinary team of PIXEL adopts an integrated approach and holistic thinking with practical knowledge to empower clients meeting their challenges and improving performance. Our value addition is rooted in performance, requirement specific and technology enablement advisory, and further solution implementation. Our professionals are grouped by domain; the internal systems for knowledge and technology management enable efficient delivery of services.

  • Project Advisory and Management

    PIXEL’s project advisory and management services are a part of its integrated solution to help and enable clients to understand and respond to situations with emphasis on spatial context. The focus being support to clients to manage and deliver reliable results in achieving efficiency in operations.

    The domain experts offer relevant and valuable insights and different alternatives. The approach being structured, empowers clients to achieve and maintain sustainable processes in operations. PIXEL also offers customized solutions for projects and technology related aspects.

  • GIS Consulting and Software

    PIXEL’s GIS Consulting assists the customer in optimizing investments and delivering long-term measurable cost savings on geospatial implementations. The domain experts help clients in defining requirements and structuring geospatial solutions that make the most of technology investments, improve business process management capabilities, enhance situational awareness and aid decision making ability – all while reducing operating costs.

  • Interoperability & Data Migration

    As a core geospatial services company working on cross & disparate software platforms and software, PIXEL realizes the critical importance of data purity. To empower customers with usable data, PIXEL provides services on data translation and migration. This in turn brings tangible benefits reducing overall data maintenance costs

    A properly planned data migration involves dealing with the uncertainty of different CAD/GIS formats, legacy application environments and the very important aspects of making sure that users are ready to exploit the new environments. PIXEL has a track record in moving utility organizations forward with their spatial systems while preserving the important investments that have been made in spatial data.

    PIXEL professionals have worked with major GIS software products including GE Smallworld, ESRI, MapInfo, Bentley, Oracle and Autodesk. Our experts can guide you through the entire process reducing costs and ensuring a smooth transition, on time and within budget. Our expert technical staff has worked with many migration projects and has the experience and expertise to lead your team through the pitfalls such as not being able to break the CAD/GIS format barriers, to a successful transition and perform a data model transformation.

    A properly implemented data translation can greatly improve the value of your data while reducing long-term data maintenance costs. Our proven methodology has been used to minimize the overall risk of your project. Our GIS experts have extensive experience in CAD/GIS data migration projects and can assist you in all aspects of data migration. We can not only assist in every step or supplement your able staff in delivering quality and cost effective projects but also allows them to work seamlessly between a variety of popular GIS data formats and databases in the industry today. As a distributor of the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) software products from Safe Software, the industry leader in spatial data interoperability, PIXEL is uniquely qualified to provide high performance data migration services for the complete spectrum of most popular CAD/GIS formats in the industry.

  • Engineering and Surveys

    Engineering services include design consultancy related to infrastructure and utilities like Roads, Irrigation Canals and Water Supply & Sewerage. These include detailed topographic surveys with ‘state of the art technology’ instruments and designs (geometric, pavement and of pavement and structures) and estimation and preparation of bid documents. Besides the engineering surveys, PIXEL undertakes socio-economic surveys, Land Plan Surveys and Conditions assessment surveys using Mobile Technology. PIXEL has developed useful products for that are useful for survey and data collection.

    • Topographic Surveys
    • Detailed Project Report for Roads and Irrigation
    • Water Supply and Sewerage
    • Mapping of roads and conditions assessment
    • Services for Smart City initiatives
    • Socio-economic Surveys and Analysis
  • Resources Evaluation and Management

    Environmental characterization or environmental assessment forms the basis for natural resource planning and management leading to decision about conservation, protection, remediation and restoration. All of these actions require data, standardized methods and tools that can be used to make informed decisions that minimize costs and maximize return on investment.

    PIXEL Team uses a “systems approach” to environmental characterization and assessment, starting with developing a basic understanding of how the system functions and developing tools and methods to reduce the risk of environmental degradation.

  • HFC Network Design

    PIXEL offers turnkey solution for Network Planning, Designing and Drafting and implementation support for Greenfield HFC Network. The solution includes comprehensive planning, documentation and preparation of manuals for Strand, RF Network and Fiber Network Designs and web based GIS solution including Process Management System (PMS). vicNET” (Virtual Intelligent Network), a product of PIXEL provides access to HFC Network data via the Internet on any device on a browser, without the need for any COTS at the client system

    At PIXEL, information integration is what we do best. By interconnecting the Field Data, Maps, HFC and Fiber Networks, Addressing and GIS; we deliver a seamless, cost effective, innovative end-to-end and open spatial solution. This connecting of the “dots” enables enterprise-wide data sharing resulting in both increased accuracy and speed for optimum decision making. PIXEL Broadband & Re-Engineering solutions bring the best engineering and collaborative effort to develop an optimum solution even before the project begins. The objective is to satisfy the performance objectives while providing flexibility for future upgrades to new technology and services, with a focus on your Return on Investment (ROI).

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