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HFC Network Design

PIXEL offers turnkey solution for Network Planning, Designing and Drafting and implementation support for Greenfield HFC Network. The solution includes comprehensive planning, documentation and preparation of manuals for Strand, RF Network and Fiber Network Designs and web based GIS solution including Process Management System (PMS). vicNET” (Virtual Intelligent Network), a product of PIXEL provides access to HFC Network data via the Internet on any device on a browser, without the need for any COTS at the client system

At PIXEL, information integration is what we do best. By interconnecting the Field Data, Maps, HFC and Fiber Networks, Addressing and GIS; we deliver a seamless, cost effective, innovative end-to-end and open spatial solution. This connecting of the “dots” enables enterprise-wide data sharing resulting in both increased accuracy and speed for optimum decision making. PIXEL Broadband & Re-Engineering solutions bring the best engineering and collaborative effort to develop an optimum solution even before the project begins. The objective is to satisfy the performance objectives while providing flexibility for future upgrades to new technology and services, with a focus on your Return on Investment (ROI).


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