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Interoperability & Data Migration

As a core geospatial services company working on cross & disparate software platforms and software, PIXEL realizes the critical importance of data purity. To empower customers with usable data, PIXEL provides services on data translation and migration. This in turn brings tangible benefits reducing overall data maintenance costs

A properly planned data migration involves dealing with the uncertainty of different CAD/GIS formats, legacy application environments and the very important aspects of making sure that users are ready to exploit the new environments. PIXEL has a track record in moving utility organizations forward with their spatial systems while preserving the important investments that have been made in spatial data.

PIXEL professionals have worked with major GIS software products including GE Smallworld, ESRI, MapInfo, Bentley, Oracle and Autodesk. Our experts can guide you through the entire process reducing costs and ensuring a smooth transition, on time and within budget. Our expert technical staff has worked with many migration projects and has the experience and expertise to lead your team through the pitfalls such as not being able to break the CAD/GIS format barriers, to a successful transition and perform a data model transformation.

A properly implemented data translation can greatly improve the value of your data while reducing long-term data maintenance costs. Our proven methodology has been used to minimize the overall risk of your project. Our GIS experts have extensive experience in CAD/GIS data migration projects and can assist you in all aspects of data migration. We can not only assist in every step or supplement your able staff in delivering quality and cost effective projects but also allows them to work seamlessly between a variety of popular GIS data formats and databases in the industry today. As a distributor of the Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) software products from Safe Software, the industry leader in spatial data interoperability, PIXEL is uniquely qualified to provide high performance data migration services for the complete spectrum of most popular CAD/GIS formats in the industry.


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