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Project Advisory and Solution

With the constant pressure on development sector and a demand for quick turnaround time, project formulation and implementation are the key areas which are being targeted. At PIXEL, with the focus on sustainable growth, we embark on both advisory and solution consultations in the Geospatial IT Sector. Partnering with our clients, we develop customized customer specific solutions and comprehensive recommendations in collaboration with the domain experts, by fielding efficient resources from PIXEL.

The multi-disciplinary team of PIXEL offers relevant and valuable insights and different alternatives helping clients in transforming their organization, no matter what their primary challenges are – from improving performance, to optimizing resources and restructuring their operations.

Pixel has successfully deployed FME software, provided specific solutions and trained personnel at the highest executive government agency tasked with advising the Prime Minister’s office on matters of national security and strategic interest. The deliverables and the customized training has also been provided to a myriad of Defence and Civil Govt agencies at different locations efficaciously within stipulated time frame as defined by the customers. The users are in consonance that the software and solution provided by PIXEL have resulted in increase in organisational efficiency in managing and handling operational as well as intelligence data, the nature of which cannot be divulged as it is highly classified and sensitive in nature. Specific Proof-of-Concept’s done successfully keeping in mind National Geospatial IT integration with pride.

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