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PIXEL offers turnkey solution for Network Planning, Designing/Drafting and implementation support for Greenfield HFC Network. It has been adopting most of the latest technology tools and products of leading Corporations as follows:

Bentley Communications products/technology allows you to design for any medium – fiber, copper, coax – and to include inside plant for an end-to-end view of the network. Design for any medium using a single interface and then take the network designs into the field to support work packages, as-built validation and redlining. PIXEL has been in the forefront of using Bentley Comms towards CATV – HFC Network Design projects in the United States for over a decade.

PIXEL teams have the expertise in using the Fiber Module for the Drafting Assistant, which utilizes AutoCAD and Oracle to bring all of the Lode Data products in one complete GIS solution. The AutoCAD based Drafting Assistant acts as an interface for placing objects and the Oracle database stores fiber documentation and graphical data.

PIXEL also adopts special products from Synchronoss that provide the most open, flexible and powerful tools for Designing, engineering & drafting networks. It also assists in managing planned, designed and as-built data over the complete planning/construction life-cycle. It allows modeling of the entire network for easy integration with other systems.

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