An ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi level 3 Certified company

An ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CMMi level 3 Certified company

Navigating strategy and decisions in a spatially empowered world

PIXEL's Management Consulting

PIXEL’s management consultancy services are aimed at organizations seeking expert advice and assistance in improving their business operations, solving specific problems, or achieving strategic goals using the power of geospatial technology.

PIXEL’s management consulting encompass a wide range of activities and strategies aimed at helping clients enhance their performance, efficiency, and competitiveness.

PIXEL’s management consulting covers the strategic integration of geospatial technologies and data to optimize decision-making. Application of geospatial technologies coupled with strategic approach have contributed to optimized resource utilization, improved planning, and enhanced overall organizational performance for our clients. Incorporating geospatial elements into management consulting adds a layer of spatial intelligence, enabling organizations to make more informed and location-aware decisions across various aspects of their operations.

PIXEL’s Management Consulting includes but not limited to:

  •  Strategic Planning
  •  Advisory Services
  •  Project-Based Engagements
  •  Domain Expertise
  •  Data Analytics
  •  Change Management
  •  Technology Integration
  •  Independent Perspective

Data Analytics Support

At PIXEL, we excel in data analytics (encompassing both spatial and non-spatial data), interoperability, integration, as well as diagnostic and predictive analysis.

Evaluation and Impact Analysis

PIXEL offers evaluation and impact analysis services in the field of natural resources. We combine technology interventions with domain expertise to record, assess, and correlate results, providing valuable insights and guidance. 

Platform-Independent Configurable Software

PIXEL offers configurable software solutions designed to help clients optimize technology and human resource costs.

A configurable/no-code/low-code platform enhances business agility, capitalizes on ongoing innovation, and enhances customer and employee experiences, all while simplifying operations and cost management.

Our web-based platform features drag-and-drop functionalities, reusable application components, and built-in libraries to accelerate the application design and development process efficiently.

Who is it for?

Government Organizations

Private Organizations

Social Organizations