About Us

In today’s world, information is king. And when it is supported by in-depth spatial context, its powers grow exponentially! Businesses are increasingly identifying this potential and are using it to make better decisions and realize better outcomes.

At PIXEL, we blend cutting-edge science and technology with comprehensive industry expertise to deliver quality services, including:

Project Advisory
and Management

Geospatial Consulting

Seamless Information

Continuous Implementation

With over two decades of experience in delivering these services to customers around the world, PIXEL is a name you can trust.

Our customer-focused performance objectives and uncompromised emphasis on Return On Investment (ROI) have helped us rise to the top of our industry. As leaders, we deploy the best engineering practices and leverage strategic collaborations to develop optimum solutions while building scale for future upgrades. These efforts are all led by our multidisciplinary team — one that is fully abreast of emerging technologies in the field and is constantly working to build this
knowledge capital.

To help you make the most of this expertise and improve your decision-making capabilities, we:

Adopt holistic thinking
Employ an integrated approach
Implement practical knowledge

Our extensive industry experience has helped us develop proven methods and strategies,
each of which is geared to help you succeed.

All this translates to a single goal:
Performance with eXcellence to Lead