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Geospatial Services

PIXEL’s Geospatial Consulting assists the customer, by obtaining data that is geo-referenced and achieving measurable cost reductions on geospatial solutions.

Geospatial Consulting and Web Applications

From applications to infrastructure, processes to operational models and interfaces to experiences, there are digital forces driving change in every part of your organization.

At PIXEL, we orchestrate the capabilities to truly change the game-across strategy, design, technology and industry/ functional knowledge to deliver insights at speed and solutions at scale.

Diagnostic analysis by domain experts, derivation of relevant and reliable spatial information assists the customer in optimizing investments and delivering long-term, measurable cost savings on geospatial implementations.

Our domain experts help clients in defining requirements and structuring geospatial solutions that harness the potential of technology investments, improve business process management capabilities, enhance situational awareness, and aid decision making — all while reducing operating costs.

Our services include:
Image analysis and data extraction
Integrated Analysis of Multi-thematic Data
Advanced Web GIS Solutions

Interoperability and Data Integration

We understand that data is only as valuable as data quality and integrity. Data is a business critical asset in every organization, but working with data can be challenging. To maintain its quality, accuracy and integrity, we provide data transformation and migration and integration services, catering to a range of CAD/GIS formats, data types, and workflows in the industry. This in turn brings tangible benefits reducing overall data maintenance costs.

PIXEL, a partner of Safe Software close to two decades with its FME-certified professionals, is uniquely qualified to deliver these services. Leading these efforts is a team of GIS experts who have extensive experience in working with advanced GIS software, empowering our customers to make the most of their data.

Geospatial Services

Mobile Application

 PIXEL has always emphasised on integration of mobile application for data capture and feedback and crowdsourcing.

Today’s business environment demands that organizations be adaptable and nimble at all times.

The key to achieving this: Easily accessible information anytime, anywhere

To meet this ever rising need, PIXEL provides mobile GIS applications on Windows, Android, iOS, and open-source platforms.

These solutions capture and upload real-time data onto servers, allowing you to make informed decisions anytime, anywhere.

Agri. Solutions: Crop Monitoring and Water Management

Research and Development has been an integral part of  PIXEL’s delivery. Research related to adoption of latest technology for real time topical issues is at the core and results are transferred to clients. AI / ML for remotely sensed data, drone, analysis and ingestion of climate data and building data models for agriculture (crop mapping, monitoring), water resources, including irrigation management.

Web GIS Solutions

The web has revolutionized every aspect of information distribution.
Web GIS provides broader access to your GIS data, enabling you to move amplify the value of your GIS from self-service mapping to making better decisions. Web GIS makes the GIS solution more accessible, more agile and more pervasive.

Web GIS is much more than a new trend, it’s the new paradigm for implementing a modern GIS. It’s fundamentally changing how we think about GIS, and the role of GIS professionals.

PIXEL’s Web GIS solutions and services include:



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PIXEL SOFTEK PVT LTD (PIXEL), in its journey of over two decades has evolved as a trusted partner for Geospatial Consulting, Services, and Solutions in the domain of land, water, infrastructure and utilities.

PIXEL, an ISO-certified company, headquartered in Bengaluru with office in Chennai, caters to the international market through its subsidiary PIXEL Softek, Inc. based in Atlanta, USA. We consider ourselves as partners with our customers, our employees and our community.

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